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For years I had a good job and relatively good credit. That was until my husband left me, I was forced to take a pay cut and then was subsequently laid off from my job after 13 years of service. My credit fell to the lowest it had been in my entire life.  I had a home in foreclosure and my life was at an all-time low. Credit card companies cancelled my accounts, bill collectors were calling.  When I tried to talk to them, I was treated as if I was a second class citizen and verbally harassed on the phone. As my next move, I prepared to file bankruptcy. However, the lawyer I chose to handle it died before filing my claim, taking my $1000.00 payment with him to the grave. Needless to say this was not the best time of my life!

It was then I knew that I needed to share what I learned with others so they could weather storms like what I had to go through, because bad things happen to good people. I have been teaching about money since 2006 and now I am bringing my teaching and expertise to you right in your home.

I spent years learning how to save and invest, figuring out through mistakes and errors what insurance I should buy and how much money I would need to retire. I learned everything I know about money through my own personal education, and through that research I have developed The Money Library.

Through short educational videos, I allow you to gain knowledge about a number of topics that I have studied and researched over the years. As a member of The Money Library you have access to all the videos I create and update each year.  You will be invited to webinars with industry experts, and receive discounts on coaching and other services. You get the chance to learn from someone like you, who has been in your shoes, whether you have always been good with your money, or have come upon hard times and needed some encouragement.

Because I am not an advisor, I have a person’s best interests at heart, not how much money I can make in commissions or fees.  This is also why I charge a low flat monthly fee with no hidden costs, so I can research full time for you! It’s my mission to uncover all the things that you don’t have time to study and bringing that information to the virtual halls of The Money Library.

It’s my prayer that your journey be successful!

All the best,

Heather Schooler, The Money Librarian


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